Peer Review Challenge!

peer revFollow the directions below to complete the Peer Review Challenge Assignment.

  1. Listen closely for the paragraph number Mr. Muniz has assigned you.  Write it down if you need to.
  2. Click THIS LINK to open up the Peer Review Spreadsheet, and find the paragraph that matches the number given to you by Mr. Muniz.
  3. Click THIS LINK to open up the form you will use to write a peer review of that paragraph.
  4. Read the paragraph carefully, then answer the questions about the paragraph on the form.  At the end, you must grade the paragraph you read on a scale of 1-10.

When you are done with the peer review, click THIS LINK to complete any work you need to make up!  Don’t waste this chance to improve your grade.

3 responses to “Peer Review Challenge!

  1. Well Aristide did improve life a little bit because he was supporting the poor.But he started to act like baby doc and his father papa doc,he started to make people disappear,so he was forced to leave out and of course they went back to messed up haiti.


    In my opinion I think aristide did not change haiti, because instead of stop violence he was increasing more violence, and people thought that he was the person was supposed to be so people exiled for not doing the right thing.

  3. Aristide was and was not able to help the people in Haiti. He was because he helped them with the shelter and food. He was not because he kept money for himself, food, and power while the power was struggling.

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