Today’s Assignment – 3/19/18

Today you should be doing the following tasks on computer IN THIS ORDER:

  1. Finish your three essay paragraphs in Google Classroom
  2. Complete this brief survey about writing at Fremont High School
  3. Complete your essay comments assignment (Remember – you need to post TWO comments!)
  4. Continue Research Assignment #1 in Google Classroom
  5. Begin Research Assignment #2 in Google Classroom



Peer Review Commenting

Today we will be reviewing the Essays students posted on to their edublogs, and making comments about any mistakes that we notice.  Be sure to follow the directions!

Click the link below to get started.

Once this task is complete we will begin work on our second writing task!  You will need to log in to Google Classroom in order to begin.


Today we will be testing how much you have learned about completing Document Analysis Questions.  This will be the first recorded grade for Marking Period #5!

Click the link below to complete a Diagnostic Quiz.  Follow the directions very carefully!

Once you are done, please complete Research Assignment #1 on Google Classroom!