Identity Defined


First, watch this Prezi about the definition of IDENTITY.

When you are done, click the link below to answer some simple questions about your own identity.



Partner Interviews

aid120142-728px-End-a-Conversation-Without-Being-Rude-Step-5-Version-2Today our class was challenged to interview a new classmate.  The purpose of this assignment was to push you outside your comfort zone, as well as work towards building a safe an effective class community.  Lets see how you did!

Click the red button below to open up the interview response form.  There you will type in the responses your partner provided.



Personal Identity Questionnaire

ethnic studies syllabus pic

Click to see the Syllabus

Welcome to Fremont High School’s ETHNIC STUDIES class!

In our studies we will spend a lot of time thinking and learning about different kinds of people.  Before we can do this, we need to spend some time thinking about ourselves and who we are first.  The big red link below takes you to a survey that asks questions about who you were in the past, who you are right now, and who you believe you will be in the future.  Click the big red link below to begin.  Once you are done, return to this page and click the link for the Scavenger Hunt!



Finished with the survey?  Great!  Now click here: