Create an online identity map!

Today you will use the images you saved into your ID Pics folder to create an online identity map that looks like this:

Click the link to watch a video that explains how to make your identity map.

Once you finish watching, click the COGGLE.IT logo to begin working on your own.


Current Assignments Due

Last updated: 9/15/17

Complete these assignments in this order (if you have not done so already)

  1. Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity LECTURE NOTES REVIEW (Deadline TODAY!)
  2. Save pictures for your IDENTITY MAP! (Deadline Monday, 9/18)
  3. Turn in the first draft of your paper IDENTITY MAP (Deadline TODAY!)
  4. Complete your Frayer Model HW for Week 4 (Deadline Tuesday, 9/19)
  5. Practice playing GEOGUESSR!

Identity Lecture Notes Review

Today you will be answering questions about the recent Ethnic Studies lecture on IDENTITY.

A link to the lecture notes can be found here.

To complete today’s assignment, click the link below.

Once you are finished, click the picture below to create a cartoon avatar version of yourself!