Early Finisher Bonus Challenge

If you finish your assignments before the end of class you are expected to move on to the Early Finisher Bonus Challenge.  Recently you were graded on peer review comments that checked how well students wrote claim sentences.  Now you will review paragraphs for REASONING/ANALYSIS… this time for team points!

  • Click THIS LINK to see the blog posts
  • Choose any blog – no one student is assigned to you
  • Read the paragraph you find to make sure that:
    1. The claim in the first sentence matches the evidence
    2. The writer explained why that evidence shows the kind of system of level of oppression mentioned in the claim
  • Introduce yourself and STATE YOUR TEAM NAME
  • Explain to the writer what they did correctly, or what they need to improve upon with their reasoning/analysis

An example of a successful comment might look like this:

Hi, my name is Jason and I am in Mr. Muniz’s 3rd Period Class.  My team is the Terrible Turtles.  I saw that you were able to match your claim of Internalized Oppression to the evidence in your paragraph.  Unfortunately I don’t think you will get your points for reasoning/analysis because you never really explained why that chart shows oppression.  Better luck next time!


Report Common Paragraph Errors

Our class has now been writing paragraphs to respond to documents we analyze in class.  How well are you doing with this type of assignment?  To find out, please complete the form at THIS LINK.  This will count as the Week 10 Classwork Assignment.

When you are done…

  1. Complete the Peer Review Comment on Edublog #6 (if you haven’t done so already)
  2. Complete Document Analysis #15 (It’s PAST DUE, and it looks like this)
  3. Complete Document Analysis #16 (This is the HW due this week, and it looks like this)