Today’s Assignments – 4/17/2018

These are the assignments students are responsible for during the last week of Marking Period #5 (in order of importance to your grade):

  1. SeeClickFix Blog #1 – PAST DUE!
  2. SeeClickFix Blog #2 – Due Friday 4/20
  3. Research Assignment #1 – Due 4/27
  4. Research Assignment #2 – Due 4/27
  5. Week 12 HW – Source Reliability – Due 4/24



Today’s Assignment – 4/9/18

This is MAKE-UP Week!

Find out what assignments you need to complete, and track them using this Jupiter Grades Check-In Assignment.

Open Assignments:

  1. Edublog #9 – Essay Revision
  2. SeeClickFix Blog #1
  3. Research Assignment #1 (Google Classroom)
  4. Research Assignment #2 (Google Classroom)



Today’s Assignment – 3/28 and 3/29

Today we will begin our SeeClickFix Project by reporting the issues around Oakland that we photographed.

To learn how to submit the picture you took to SeeClickFix, click this link (or the picture below).


To prove that you have submitted an issue, complete SeeClickFix Blog #1 (click the picture below).

Once you are done, return to revising your supporting paragraphs before they are graded by completing Edublog #9 (click picture below)

If this has been done, then use the remainder of your time to continue or complete Research Assignments #1 and #2 on Google Classroom.