MP5 Jupiter Grades Check-In

ReportCardNeed some help bringing up your grade?  Make-up assignments can be found at the following links:

If you submit a new assignment to be graded online, you MUST EMAIL MR. MUNIZ to tell him.  If you don’t it WILL NOT BE GRADED and you will kep the grade you currently have.

5 responses to “MP5 Jupiter Grades Check-In

  1. Jean Bertrand Aristide gained control by telling on the radio of how would help out Haiti pd8

  2. alaaaldeen ali

    jean bertrand aristide gained control of the politics of haiti by going to the united states president bill clinton gave aristide the us marines to go back to haiti with the marines

  3. mohamed dobashi

    he gained it by helping people that need help or that dont got money

  4. Jean Bertrand Artistide gained control of the politics of Haiti by trying to make wealthy and poor’s equal. Artistide also tried to make Haiti a better place but he got forced out 1 and and the Marcoutes kept messing with Artiside and his people and masscred them

  5. I think that Artiside gained the control of politics in haiti, because the people supported him i think,and the U.S had his back,so mabey they gave him some more power and weapons to support his back and people because they can’t keep watching him every second,that’s how i think Artiside got politics in the country Haiti.

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