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Today’s Assignment – 3/19/18

Today you should be doing the following tasks on computer IN THIS ORDER:

  1. Finish your three essay paragraphs in Google Classroom
  2. Complete this brief survey about writing at Fremont High School
  3. Complete your essay comments assignment (Remember – you need to post TWO comments!)
  4. Continue Research Assignment #1 in Google Classroom
  5. Begin Research Assignment #2 in Google Classroom



Essay Assembly

Click the picture above to read the directions!

Starting Monday, 3/13/17 Ethnic Studies students will begin work assembling an essay to support the research done an a “Resistance Image” of their selection.

To follow along with the tasks needed to complete this essay, please click the picture link above and you will find a slideshow that provides directions!

Peer Review Challenge!

peer revFollow the directions below to complete the Peer Review Challenge Assignment.

  1. Listen closely for the paragraph number Mr. Muniz has assigned you.  Write it down if you need to.
  2. Click THIS LINK to open up the Peer Review Spreadsheet, and find the paragraph that matches the number given to you by Mr. Muniz.
  3. Click THIS LINK to open up the form you will use to write a peer review of that paragraph.
  4. Read the paragraph carefully, then answer the questions about the paragraph on the form.  At the end, you must grade the paragraph you read on a scale of 1-10.

When you are done with the peer review, click THIS LINK to complete any work you need to make up!  Don’t waste this chance to improve your grade.