Revise 1st Supporting Paragraph


Click THIS LINK to see your Supporting Paragraph, and how it was graded.

Fill out your Supporting Paragraph Rubric Checklist to see the grade you would have earned.  The checklist looks like this.

Follow the directions on THIS PAGE to revise your Supporting Paragraph!



Peer Review Challenge!

peer revFollow the directions below to complete the Peer Review Challenge Assignment.

  1. Listen closely for the paragraph number Mr. Muniz has assigned you.  Write it down if you need to.
  2. Click THIS LINK to open up the Peer Review Spreadsheet, and find the paragraph that matches the number given to you by Mr. Muniz.
  3. Click THIS LINK to open up the form you will use to write a peer review of that paragraph.
  4. Read the paragraph carefully, then answer the questions about the paragraph on the form.  At the end, you must grade the paragraph you read on a scale of 1-10.

When you are done with the peer review, click THIS LINK to complete any work you need to make up!  Don’t waste this chance to improve your grade.

Supporting Paragraph Peer Review

Click the link below to practice a SUPPORTING PARAGRAPH PEER REVIEW.


Remember:  This assignment is only practice for the Peer Review Homework Assignment due next Wednesday!