Auto-Ethnography Shadowbox Project

Watch this video to see Mr. Muniz’s sample Shadowbox!

9th Grade Ethnic Studies students all over Oakland will be creating Auto-Ethnography projects in the form of shadowboxes.

A link to some of the work created by students at Fremont High School can be found HERE.

Students –

Before your project is complete please make sure you have completed all the tasks on the following checklist:

  • Find pictures to be printed (and saved in Google Classroom)
  • Choose shoe box and art materials
  • Turn in completed shadowbox planner
  • Complete Edublog Assignment #2
  • Add Dominant & Counter-Narrative pictures to your shadowbox lid
  • Add Identity pictures and art materials to the interior of the shadowbox
  • Write an artist statement, and submit it using this form
  • Shadowbox must be labeled and photographed
  • Complete Edublog Assignment #3 (Located in Google Classroom)

If you are finished early, please click THIS LINK to watch a video on how to add your coggle identity map to your edublog.  Then… make it happen!

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