California Healthy Kids Survey


The link to the survey is right HERE.

One response to “California Healthy Kids Survey

  1. Alex Matias Ramirez, per:1

    Is the City of Oakland planning to improve the infrastructure of the street you reported needed fixing?
    Yes, becuase it a big infrastructure that needed to get fixed so cars can go on that street. Not a lot of car that goes threw that because of the hole.

    If so, why do you think the city chose that street to fix out of all the streets in the city? If not, why do you think the city decided not to fix the street you photographed?
    I think that they decided to not fix it because there was a lot of the infrastructure was reported to them in the same date which was on 01/14/2016.

    Based on your knowledge of Oakland, which parts of the city do you believe most need to have their streets repaired?
    I think that all of the people who reported needs to get fix because it a problem for pour community.

    According to the map, which parts of the city is scheduled to have the most streets repaired? (REMEMBER: Use directional terms!)
    West is the most that have to be needed to get most repaired in order to run properly for our community.

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