Haiti Lecture Response

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Today we learned about life for the indigenous people in the Caribbean.  We also learned about Christopher Columbus, and the first European contact with those indigenous people.

Using what you learned in class today, leave a comment on this blog post that answers the following question:

How did the European discovery of Haiti change life for the indigenous people living there?

54 responses to “Haiti Lecture Response

  1. Yes it did change but not in a good way because they became slaves and the people who “discovered” haiti their dogs sicced the indigiduos people

  2. life for the indigenous people changed when the european people came because christopher columbus made them into slaves , beat them and sold the little girls for sex slaves.

  3. Christopher Columbus was rude for what he did to people and he was wrong for siccing the dog on the people and making children become sex slaves.

  4. Elvira Rivera-Soto

    The european discovery left the indigenous people with a terrible fate. They now have to be slaves or be sold in something else and now their home is somebody else’s.

  5. the indigenous people lives changed after the european found them because they turned into slaves and they had to kill their children so that they wouldn’t grow up to be raped or a slave their lives became a nightmare for them.

  6. They all became slaves,could not do what they believed in,and had no freedom.They all became sick.

  7. their life changed, because christopher columbus came there and turned them into slaves and and abused them cut them and he also sicc dogs on them to make them obey and listen to him.

  8. they were running away and were getting killed

  9. i think that their life changed after christopher colombus because after he came he just wanted to take advantage of the people and the land and the indigenous people didn’t want that.

  10. It changed their lives because they became slaves and they were afraid to live in their own homes.

  11. Their life for the indigenous people changed because they were turned into slaves.

  12. They became slaves and never had freedom again.

  13. The European discovery of Haiti changed the life for the indigenous people because they came and took over made them slaves.

  14. The European discovery of Haiti changed the lives of indigenous by having them become slaves and by their land and all their resources being taken away from them.

  15. ever duran
    friday,february 26
    fremont high school
    the european discovery changed the native people life dramatically
    they got slaved they got killed they committed suicide.they got sick and since they were killing children and other adults dying they soon came extinct.

  16. It got worse because when they came a sex slave started and then they start making slaves out of them and then they stared dying.

  17. Their life change by been slavery and have the smallpox disease and get erased their taino culture because of the european.

  18. The discovery made life for the indigenous horrible

  19. The european discovery changed the indigenous people who lived there by having the indigenous people be slaves and taking away there land also it affected them by little girls being raped and having to kill there babies so they wont be slaves.

  20. There lives changed by having to work for the europeans and where being killed of by them.

  21. it change b/c they was dying and stuff

  22. Life changed for the indigenous people because they used to be free but now they are slaves

  23. I think Taino people changed by not being free or doing what they used to do but instead used in slavery in every way possible.

  24. How life changed for indigenous after the european came is they got all types of diseases they never had before ,an they were being moved from where they were from.

  25. The European discovery of Haiti changed the life for Indigenous people because there lives became worst since they had to be slaves the little girls got raped and many people died of sucide or sickness.

  26. It changed because when the Europeans discovered Haiti, life for indigenous people got hard. Europeans got little girls from the indigenous group, and made them into sex slaves.

  27. It completely changed the indigenous people lives because Christopher Columbus was basically the once that took their freedom/ happiness. He was the one colonized their place. Alot of thier own people died because of the diseases that he and his people brought over. ……

  28. keila angelina matias lorenzo

    The European discovery of Haiti changes life for the indigenous people living there by making them tired for working so hard, and by killing them if they didn’t want to be there salves.

  29. The Indigenous people changed their life when European people discovered Haiti because the European people had power over the Indigenous people and also became slavery to the European.

  30. Those Indigionus people turned into slaves and died

  31. They enslaved the indigenous people and named them indians. They also took their land, sold their 10 year old children into sex slaves. They gave them an illness that killed many people so its not good

  32. colombus start raping little kids

  33. People lives in Haiti changed by them being slaves for the Europeans.

  34. The European discovery of Haiti changed life for the indigenous people living there because the Europeans colonized the indigenous people’s land.

  35. ther life chang becaus when crisifer cam he stared macking the indigenous became slaves.

  36. The European discovery of Haiti changed the life of the Indigenous living there to the worst. They didn’t know that their life was going to be really bad.

  37. It changed life for those indigenous people because they once were peaceful until the europeans came and colonized them.

  38. it change because they were made into slaves and the 9-10 year old girls got rape.

  39. It changed life for the people living in Haiti because they had to be slaves and work on large plantations. There 9 and 10 year old girls were sold into sex slaves they didn’t have to do that at first so they started to commit suicide or even kill there own babies because they were desperate.

  40. I think it changed because Columbus saw nothing but advantage and he took it.

  41. Europeans discovery of Haiti changed the life of those indiginous people by putting them into slavery and making their culture die out by making woman so desperate to kill their future.

  42. it changed everything

  43. idk how the discovery of haiti change the life of the indigenous people living there

  44. Quinton Williams

    It changed the life for indigenous people because Columbus changed the religion.

  45. i dont know but i think they were making it a better place

  46. Maybe because indigenous people can do everything in there.

  47. The European discovering of Haiti changed the life of the people living there by changing their society and almost completely wiping out their history.

  48. it change their lifes to bad because they became slaves they start killing their babys and a lot of people die and everybody start calling them indians

  49. alexander martinez

    TBH i dont really no much but i think they like steping down they dont speak up for themself.

  50. lt changed them because the Europeans made Haiti live more harder. THey were scared of the leader. The women lived hard they had to kill their children.

  51. i wasn´t here that day but i do know is that the european discover that life was easier for the indegitous people

  52. i think that their lives changed for the worst. I mean the worst thing that can happen to someone is being enslaved

  53. The European discovery of Haiti changed the life of the indigenous people living there as their religions were converted, their people were enslaved if not killed by disease and their land was claimed.

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