Aliens in Oakland

Alien invasionEarlier this week you were asked to consider the following question:

What do you think would happen if Aliens came down from outer space and landed in Oakland? Explain your answer.

I’m curious to read your thoughts!

  1. Find your Week 6 Stamp Sheet
  2. Find your response for Block#1’s Question of the Day
  3. Write your response in the comments section below
  4. Explain how this question relates to what we have learned about Nigeria thus far

57 responses to “Aliens in Oakland

  1. i think this question relates to nigeria because if we to fight the aliens in war then it would be the same way the tribes in nigeria fought each other because they were different. or if the aliens invaded us than it would be the way that people from like the british or people from Portugal invaded nigeria and took over people.

  2. I imagine that the aliens would scare the humans away and try to probably kill us or something but i really don´t know because it would be weird for that to happen i never really thought of that

  3. I imagine there would be a lot of attention pointed at us, Oakland, or people would be scared because they might think that the aliens are invading because of all the movies made about aliens and what would happen if they did come to earth. I think that if the aliens were peaceful than all the people that have been studying aliens or life forms from outer space would come and investigate or question or understand them.

  4. i think they would try to relate with us but because we have a bad reputation we would try to destroy them and take their technology

  5. If aliens came down to Oakland everyone would start freaking out. If it was in the middle of a street they would be a lot of car accidents and people leaving their cars there. The freeway would be worse than the rush hour. Some people would have their phone out taking pictures of it and posting them. This is crazy, but someone would trap that alien and send it to Hollywood to remake E.T. Or people would just kill them or make the police do something about it.

  6. I would imagine that the aliens will jump out and run with guns and try to take people or kill them and come to the school and be like ”take me to your leader”.This relates to what we learn because what i wrote and we learn similar because they are both parts of politics

  7. If Aliens came to Oakland then they would start to abduct us blow everything up and just take control over everything……. (Aliens Our Not Allowed In Oakland)!!!

  8. I think that if aliens came there would be total chaos.People would start to freak out. I say that would happen because the media on tv,radio,etc. makes us have an i guess stereo type of aliens that they are bad and want to kill humans. People would get freaked out and start a rampage and the aliens may have the wrong impression that we want to kil them.

  9. I think if aliens came down from outer space and landed in oakland I think that the humans and aliens will go into an all out war lasting 1000 years and the only way it will end is the aliens kill all of us or we kill all of them and if we make a peace treaty. And I don’t know how it relates to the Nigeria unit

  10. If aliens came from outer space to oakland they would try to take over us.Then the U.S army would come and try to shoot the aliens. This war would last months. The aliens would be hard to defeat because they would have advanced technology.At the end somehow we would win, but Oakland would never be the same again. This question relates on what we learned about nigeria so far in that the aliens trying to take over and fight us just how the tribes fighted each other because they were different from each other.

  11. If aliens were to came down to earth, I believe that people would start freaking out and feel all type of ways. Furthermore i believe that the aliens will take over the world and make us their slaves.

  12. I think they would destroy the earth.

  13. I think aliens would take over the land.This relates to Nigeria because in Nigeria people were controlled.

  14. I imagine that if aliens came to oakland the would get beat up by all of us

  15. If aliens came to oakland i think they would be interested in going to in-n-out to try the food there because the outer space in-n-out is not the same this relates to what we have learned about nigeria because it show how nigerians felt when they saw other people coming onto their land

  16. If aliens landed on earth in the city of oakland i think they would try to colonize it and take over and try to experiment on the people to see what their about and whats going on with them.

  17. if space aliens would of came down from space to oakland, i would be confused and would of paused for a minute then i probly would freak out cause its would of been out of the ordinary, but then i would try to take their space ship and drive it

  18. If aliens were to come to oakland they would kill us all and would’nt live in oakland anymore because we will be dead.Also some of us will kill aliens.

  19. If aliens came to Oakland they would try to take over the world because that’s probably the only reason they’re here in the first place. This relates to our unit on Nigeria because for the people of Benin when the Portugueses came they looked like aliens to them with ships they never saw before.

  20. If aliens came from space to oakland then i would maybe kill the aliens and leave town until the aliens are gone also i would go to their spaceship to see what their up to.This relates to Nigeria because the british people went to the people from Nigeria land, and wanted to take over also many where confused to what was happening.

  21. If aliens came to oakland it would be awesome, they will probably kill us, but still awesome.Many will get scared and others ,the emature kids, will throw stuff at them and they will be the first to die. Therefor me, i would just take pictures and send them to my family in L.A . I wouldn’t go near them because i wouldn’t want to die.Then again someone will call the police and they will come and shoot them and well probably kill them . Yes ,it wold be sad to see them die but well ,hey! at least now you know that aliens ARE real.

  22. This Questions relates to our Nigerian unit because Aliens to us is like elephants to the French and horses to Portugal.

  23. I think Aliens will leave us alone because or technology is not use for their advance technology. Or they could take over us because we are to weak for them.

  24. I think if aliens would of came down from outer space then I would call the army,police,marines,airforce,navy,special forces all of them to come and take down and defeat them and I will claim my reward.Or I will get on my space ship steal his gun and shoot him and jack his space ship and visit the other worlds.

  25. I would try to caoture one of them and ask why they abduct people. This realte to nigeria because slave traders were caotureing people and puting them in nets .

  26. I think that the aliens would try to take over oakland and everybody would be running in screaming around.

  27. If Aliens came to Oakland I Would probably tell if people had guns they would shoot the aliens or maybe call the FBI.

  28. i think that it would be cool that they came i think that it could mean a new opportunity for mankind to study the technology the aliens have and it could also mean the end of humankind.

  29. how do u know they are aliens and you think and you if it can something

  30. If aliens were to come down from outer space and visit Oakland, I think the people would freak out and maybe others would be excited. There are people who “believe” in aliens and others that don’t because to them that’s a fantasy as those people say. On the other hand, some people may freak out because probably they never seen aliens in their entire lives and so that might be something new to them seeing aliens come down from from outer space just to visit Oakland. If I were to see aliens, I think my reaction would be, “What the heck is going on!?!”

  31. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I think that if aliens came from outer space visited Oakland they would notice how different things are here and that they would be confused or freaked out because i’m pretty sure the people are going to be screaming like they are crazy. This question relates to what we have learned about Nigeria this far because when the Europeans came they looked very different from the Benin people and never seen anything like what they have saw.

  32. I think that if aliens came down from outer space to oakland people would panic and they will take over oakland.

  33. I would lock myself in my house and wouldn’t come out. I think that people would get scared so they would lock themself also and other may want to start to shot the aliens and kill them. Also they would be people runing and screaming in the streets of oakland and other would feel like what is that. I think that this relates to nigeria because when they saw does baots comeing they were scared and curious about what they were.

  34. If aliens was to come to oakland from the outer space They would have most likely abduct us and eat our flesh…

  35. i think they take over oakland

  36. I think people would go crazy because aliens are in oakland out of all the states oakland and all the cities oakland but the aliens would probably try to kill us so people would go crazy.

  37. I think that if aliens came from outer space visited Oakland they would notice how different things are here and that they would be confused or freaked out because i’m pretty sure the people are going to be screaming like they are crazy.

  38. Week 6 stamp sheet block 1 Question.
    They would take people and experiment while i’ll call my dad say “they are real and their here.” From then I’ll take pictures of them and run away calling the FBI or police. The aliens would be capturing people like cattle or try to communicate with us. they be screaming in their weird language as we fight in like a galactic war or something.

  39. What i would think happen if aliens came down on to Oakland is that people would not be outside. People would be acting a fool.

  40. I think if aliens came down to earth they would be like they come in peace like how they are on tv show and this kinda relates to nigeria thus far because the portuguese came down to nigeria and wanted to trade for slaves and then the british came and were demanding slaves

  41. i think aliens cant even come close to earth because they dont exist and this relate to nigeria because they thought they were the only people on earth.

  42. I imagine that everybody in Oakland would run and scream at the same time. Because aliens look funny and you never know if it came here to kill or kidnap people. Or the alien came to Oakland to colonize it.

  43. If aliens were to just land on earth without force then i’m pretty sure that they just want peace unless they just want to use us and kill us all for our resources. This relates to what i learned about Nigeria because the “alien like people” came to their land and the africans didn’t know what they were

  44. what I think would happen is that they would probably build a fort somewhere and take us as did the portugal and england did to africans during the slave trade.This question relates to what we have learned about Nigeria because people from around the globe came to nigeria and took people like it was a lollipop from a baby.

  45. they would take over and destroy things get humans to be slaves for them.
    how this relates is cause the aliens would be the white people and the humans would be the slaves

  46. I imagine that if aliens came to Oakland I think people would be scared.Probably police would come and FBI, and probably would shoot the aliens or capture them.I can relate to Nigeria because probably people who lived there got scared of people from Portugal on the way they look and how they are dressed up.

  47. If aliens came down from outer space and visited oakland, I think they would take many people they need. Also their will be a lot of crazy noises in oakland.

  48. If aliens came down from outer space I would imagine the people freaking out. It would be like a zombie apocalypse. People would be scared, confused, angry, and frustrated. Some people might be amazed, curious, and excited. This relates to what we learned this week because a similar thing happened to the ethnic groups. Aliens from far away came to their land and took over it.

  49. If aliens came to Oakland from outer space I think the the city would panic, I don’t believe that we would be able to understand therefore we would either be put in danger or put the aliens in danger. We as people hate not being able to properly understand something and so we would try to protect ourselves. I think this relates to Nigeria in that when the portuguese tried to take over the ethnics groups in NIgeria tried to fight back, they tried to protect themselves and their land.

  50. this is the same like at Nigeria because one territory takes over another land and people in the territory as how aliens will do to earth is take it over. Both of them have power to take over the land.

  51. If aliens came to oakland i think they will have everyone stay in there house or somewhere safe because we dont know if they are going to harm us or not ? Also people could try to be friends with the aliens.

  52. I think people will try to kill them thinking they are gonna do something bad to us. and is reletave because the may want us like slaves.

  53. l think the school or police call the area 51 to figure out why is it here and whats it doing here.

  54. if aliens come here to oakland a lot of people will be scared they wouldn’t be outside they will be scared to walk outside with aliens around there . I bet people will run away were there wont be no aliens . This question related what were learning about nigeria.

  55. I think they want to raid the earth or they want to be friends with us.

  56. What i imagine if aliens came down from outer space and visited oakland is that i think the aliens would take over every one and everything on oakland and probably make us their slaves

  57. If i’d imagine what would happen if aliens came down from outer space and visited Oakland it would be weird . It would be awkward for us they will probably control us. This relates to the stuff we learned about Nigeria because they were controlled.

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