Fremont So Far

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You have now been attending Fremont High School for about three weeks.  What is your opinion of our school so far?  

What are some positives?

What are some areas that need to improve?

Speak your mind by leaving a comment in the “Leave a Reply” section below.  Remember to use your school email address in the space provided, and ONLY WRITE YOUR FIRST NAME!  When you are finished writing, be sure to click the button that says “Post Comment.”


65 responses to “Fremont So Far

  1. After 3 weeks these school is okay because the teachers are very clear(in their explanations) on their subject.

  2. After three weeks of being a student at fremont I have probably done as good as any other student in any other public school in Oakland.My honest opinion of this school or any other school for that matter is that its only a bad school if you let it be a bad school. By that I mean that if you do what your supposed to do then your as good as any student in any other school.

  3. I think its good at fremont.I was about to go to sky line but being here I don’t know what school im about to go.

  4. My opinion about Fremont is that it is an okay school. the positive thing is the block schedule because we have more time for learning and finishing our work.the bad thing is that their are not a lot of clubs and activities and we don’t have a lot of options.

  5. i think this school is pretty cool.the good thing about this school is there’s only pe for 3 days and the teachers are pretty more HW for life.

  6. After three weeks here at Fremont i think it’s a good school so far there’s a lot of teachers here to help you and all of the kids here are cool everybody knows everybody.I think they need to make the food batter and they need to let the basetball players miss days because the players here might have something to do.And they smoke a lot.

  7. sum positives is that its a chill place. sun negatives are that a bunch of kids still act like their in middle school and they act hella immature. but the school and the staff are pretty chill for now.

  8. my opinion of fremont is ok its a cool school but i do not like the lunch or no phone rule

  9. Some Positives of being at fremont is we have 92 minutes each class so this makes learning more efficient.Things that can be improved is the way we transition from class because sometimes its a little too crowded.

  10. pe is longer

  11. Fremont Teachers encourage me to do all their work and i do.Also, they can give me education because some lessons do not prove a challenge yet.

  12. I like everything the way it is i just want better food.

  13. After being a student at Fremont H.S. for 3 weeks my opinion of this school hasn’t changed I still think this school will be fun

  14. how my classes are so far.

  15. The school it okay because felid it nice we play soccer and the teacher are fun and cool

  16. Fremont is a school were they show you something new and a fun school

  17. After i have been here for some time, i can now say that this school is very messy. All the girls in higher grades then us think they so hard and they always talking mess.But the classes are cool(except art) but this school is just easy to get the grades.

  18. This school is okay so far but i been having trouble with the teachers and also students but not nothing serious. Im trying to get my grades in do what i do which is to play basketball

  19. After 3 weeks in Fremont i have learned that what people told me are not true because people are really nice and the teacher are always trying to help.

  20. the school is pretty good right now i’m hoping it stays like that. And i hope i can do more of my work and my home work. I can improve my grades so can graduate.

  21. My opinion of fremont high school is that is a good school is just that in classes people inturup the class a lot and the teacher doesn’t finish her lesson and we don’t learn but otherwise school has been going good for me. Something negative about fremont high school is that classes are too long and it gets boring because we sit in our chairs for more than an hour. Something positive about fremont high school is that the lunch food is good but the lines are to long.

  22. so far i like it here but i still don’t like the schedule . the classes are hella long and they gives us hekka little time for lunch.i dont like how we got all 8 classes on wednesday. also how how we got got some classes with 10th graders.

  23. So far Fremont has some positive stuff for example, I like they way that in the morning before lunch in passing periods they offer us snacks which shows that they care about our health. Something that I believe needs to be improved is that some classes are too big and its hard to be focused.

  24. fremont is good so far , my teachers are nice and easy to work with and the staff is nice.

  25. I think that the school is good and that the classes are ok i dont like the schedule

  26. fremont is cool

  27. If the school keeps doing this like accidents that happened on Wednesday I think that’s I saw and I had time to do my chores at home and thing that happened in the past will be forgotten and no one will remember and also I did the cleaning in the living room and also in my room but also I with I could hang with my friends who go to church.

  28. One cool thing about Fremont High school is that there are some cool people that talk to you and another thing is that the teachers are good there fun they make class fun.Something bad about this high school is that some classes are so long and sometimes you feel like you want to get up and you cant because you need to raise your hand.They should make the classes shorter.

  29. I really like this school because the teachers show use what we haven’t learn about.

  30. In all these 3 weeks my opinion about Fremont H.S has slightly changed since I got here.So far the most positive thing I can say that I like is that there is a lot of security guards, they make me feel safe. So far I don’t have anything it can improve on..maybe the cafeteria food I don’t like eating the same thing almost everyday..

  31. i think that fremont high school is cool and the teachers are very chill they don’t trip on small things they give you time to get to class and they give youj time to go to restrooms they are strict but fair also its a funn year and its gonna get funner .

  32. Fremont high school is going good so far.One thing that is a positive at Fremont high is the breakfast and supper,but one thing that needs to improve is the lunch.

  33. 1) My opinion is that i don’t like this school because there lots of messy people and the classes are to long.
    2) The teachers make sure that the students have what they need to be successful in school to get their education.
    3) What can improve is that they can make the school feel more so that everybody can feel like they can stay and get their education or so that they wont feel like they getting “bullied”

  34. Fremont so far has been a wild experience because its hard to get use to having 1-4 on monday and thursday and 5-8 on tuesday and friday and on wednesday have all my classes. A positive so far has been being in high school and not in middle school. something that needs to improve is having more security around the hallways so people dont get into fights

  35. Today is 3 weeks that we’ve accomplished for coming to Fremont. Next week it be a whole month. Fremont isn’t as bad as the Dominant narrative is said.They say this school is bad so when people asked me” What school are you going to?”, I’d say Fremont and their eyes would fill with disappointment. I think the school reputation need to be better.I like the schedule of the school and some of the teachers to. Lunch is to short though. Classes depending on the one it is the time move slower or faster.

  36. well this school is OK but i don’t like it that much.They should give homework because we don’t get homework , and what’s positive about this school is that they have programs were you can get paid and they have tutors.

  37. My opinion of Fremont is good, I like the school sand i feel good to be a student at Fremont high. some positive things are that i feel that Fremont is going to help me graduate high school and i feel good.

  38. My opinion on Fremont high school after being here for 3 weeks is that fremont is mainly chill, because people can be really laid back , and friendly , but what can be improved is the way they keep changing ,and mixing up our school schedule and also the new principal ,because she be on one.

  39. So far I like Fremont I have been getting my work done more then i have at any other school. What i really need to improve on is coming to school ever day hopefully i could improve on that situation this year. Over all some positives I like and get along with all my teachers.

  40. fremonts bruz be sukkaz and we need more benches im juz speaking my mind

  41. my opinion of Fremont high school since ive been here for the last three weeks is the school is never boring. the positives of this school is the open and kind staff ,the students and the structure.

  42. Its not bad as people say.I don’t know some positives.Something that can be improved are the benches of the gym.

  43. After three weeks of being a student at Fremont High School my opinion is that it is a good school and that its not at all how other people from the outside describe it as. I like the block schedule, it allows me to think and put more thought into my work. I also like the fact that they have lots of extra curricular classes that we could take like debate, art, and leadership. And the after school program. But I think that the admin. and the security should be more observant.

  44. After 3 weeks of being a student at Fremont High School, my opinion about the school is that it is an amazing school full of amazing teachers. Some positives are that everyone here at Fremont shows their pride as a Fremont tiger. Another example is that this school, shows respect to one another. Something that I think that this school needs to improve is that we need a Taco Truck. I say we need a Taco Truck because I feel like a lot of students want there to be a Taco Truck.

  45. My opinion on Fremont is cool.To me, I think it’s not the school that’s bad, it’s what you make it and how you act around in school. Some positives about Fremont is we have a sports team, you can join the after school programs, and the teachers are serious about there jobs. Nothing has to be improved, everything is cool with me.

  46. Think of fremont as oakland, people from different cities only hear about the bad things about it but there is more good than there is bad. They wont really know until they actually are there. When my mom told me that i was going to fremont, i didn’t want to because i heard so much bad things about it but now i realize… its not that bad.

  47. I think it’s perfect in what it is. what it can improve, well here it is LET US USE OUR PHONES AT LUNCH!!!!!!!! That’s the only thing that annoys me about this school. Like i said the classes are fun, it’s just that rule that pisses me off. Yep so the positives are Great Teachers, Good Food, It’s easy to make friends, And the classes are well distanced to get around. The improvements are to be strict but not to strict. Let us go to the tiger market but with supervision or on ocaision. Let us use our phones but not in clases or in the buildings. I’M GOING TO LEAVE!!!!!!!!

  48. my first 3 weeks of school is very nice its fun but i know its not gonna be for long because school is kinda irritating.

  49. After 3 weeks of being a Fremont H.S student, I like being a student here, so far so good. Something positive is that the teachers are always there for you, they make time to help you. Something you guys should improve is, add more minutes on the passing periods because when we have class downstairs and we need our binder from our lockers which are upstairs… its just takes up a lot of time because there’s a lot of people everywhere, and we don’t want to be tardy.

  50. After 3 weeks of being a student at Fremont H.S, i think its not as bad as i thought it would be. Some positives are that the teachers are nice and they explain the work clear enough to understand. I still don’t know what can be improved.

  51. Fremont is a pretty cool school. Something Fremont should let us do is use are phones in lunch and also let us play catch in the morning at the court yard. Fremont should also let us have out campus lunch because some kids dont like the lunch food

  52. Yesterday was my first day at Fremont but i really like it, its’s all nice and good.
    There all positive things here there’s really nothing bad here.
    The things that can be improve is that more desks that’s the only thing but everything is fine.

  53. My opinion about being a student of Fremont is that it’s different than my old school. Some positive is that it’s the teachers are a little lay back. Something that needs to improve is that the classes is too full.

  54. Being a tiger for three weeks its been great and easy …I like it cause now they have a Junior Varsity and its going to be easy.

  55. That is good school.

    That i am learning new things i made new friends and the i know new teachers

    less drama

  56. After three weeks at Fremont HS, my opinion on the school is that it is very nice, I think this because I feel like i have a family here, I feel safe and comfortable, not just with students and my friends but with teachers, and staff. A positive about Fremont is the bell schedule, its very simple and easy to go by, we have a great amount of time in every class, so I feel comfortable, One improvement is the amount of time we get to pass periods sometimes it feels like we only have 60 seconds, I don’t need too much’time but it wiĺl help when i have classes that are spread apart. I’m hungry i’m hungry i’m hungry i’m tired i’m tired. this juice so good .

  57. Because of the bad reputation I thought Fremont H.S. was going to be horrible. I had heard all the horrible stories but I didn’t know they were dominant narratives. Once I got here I realized it was not as bad as people said it was. Some positives are that there are security officers all over the school keeping it safe. What I think can improve is the homework quantity. I’m so used to a lot of homework for each class that it feels so weird not having a lot of homework. I’m not saying teachers should give a lot of homework, all i’m saying is that the teachers should give a little more homework to keep us busy at home and keep our minds working.

  58. After 3 weeks of being a student at Fremont High School my opinion on it is that its pretty cool and its seems chill.Some positives are everybody enjoys it and everybody comes to school.Some improvements are maybe some stuff that contains me is my behavior and me being a communicator.Ex) Me being disruptive in class.

  59. Some positives is that i have been liking it so far its been cool. The art teacher needs to LEAVE!!! She is not good like she needs help . But i also like that its fun and Some of the people are cool not all SOME .

  60. I don’t really have an opinion. I think its a good school and stuff. Some positives are that the teachers and students are pretty cool. I don’t think anything needs to be improved. I like it a lot here so yeah.

  61. The positives of this high school is its greate and clean good teacher. And i can improved our school because of the tigers mark.

  62. After three weeks of being a students at Fremont HS, I have found out it is a very different environment than it is in my old school. Some of the positives would be the the block schedule, and the system of stamp sheets. A really big difference at Fremont is the way students feel about school and the way they carry themselves as people, its extremely different everyone has sort of a facade around themselves at my old school people were who they were and it was okay, everyone was treated equally no matter who you were or what you identified as.

  63. my opinion of being on 3 weeks in school is okay now i know a lot of people is better some teacher already know me. My positive is that i know a lot of people . some that i want for my improvement is that i want do great in my 4 years highschool i want get my diploma and get a good career.

  64. Why cant we have all the periods everyday?

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