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Fremont HS Student Wins a Computer!

edited luis 2After successfully hacking the “GeoGuessr Challenge” one Fremont HS Student – Luis Antonio – won a Lenovo Laptop!

This year 9th grade Humanities students were presented an opportunity to win one of the computers donated to Fremont High School by the local Oakland business Pandora (Thanks guys!).  In order to win the computer students needed to earn a perfect score on the Geoguessr game.  This game challenges players to find a random location in the USA using only a “Google Street View” image and clues about their environment.  A difficult challenge when you consider how large The United States is, and the fact that Geoguessr removes all street names!

Where in the world is THIS?

Where in the world is THIS?

Luis was able to defeat the game and earn an *impossible* perfect score by hacking the game itself, finding the GPS coordinates used by Geoguessr in its source code.  If you’d like to see how Luis did it, watch a video he created by clicking the image below.


VIDEO REMOVED:  This is now TOP SECRET information!!!


Congratulations Luis!

  • If you’d like to play Geoguessr, click HERE.
  • If you want to make up your own Geoguessr game with locations that you select, click HERE.
  • If you’re interested in learning to code, hack code, or improve your computer skills, consider applying to an organization called HACK THE HOOD.  An application to a paid internship with this organization can be found by clicking HERE.