SeeClickFix Predictions

Can we fix Oakland?

Can we fix Oakland?

Now that you’ve learned about the class SeeClickFix project, it’s time to share your predictions about what will happen.

Will the work of Fremont High School’s freshman class be able to make improvements around the city of Oakland?

Please explain your answer in the comment section below.  Every student who comments will earn +2 Points on the “LEVEL UP!” leaderboard.

Click the following link to see a map of SeeClickFix issues reported around Fremont HS:

78 responses to “SeeClickFix Predictions

  1. I think this is not going to work because a lot of people don’t care about Oakland and they got better things to do.

  2. i have a feeling that its goin to work

  3. it depends on if they actually care.

  4. I think they not gone care because they probably got some more important stuff thats messed up than what we sent.

  5. I think this is going to work out because change starts out small and i think is going to keep on growing and growing and help everyone in Oakland

  6. I predict that this project will work to fix this because you guys have done it years ago so yall have the experience. I think this will work because a guy went to my house the other day to talk about something like this and I see that the people want to take action in fixing oakland.

  7. I predict that it won’t because they might take it down the site for people to see and keep oakland a dirty place for money only they want instead of wasting it.

  8. i think that they might not want to do it but if they see that more people start sharing the picture and sharing more pictures , they will start to pay attention and then they’ll fix the problem

  9. I think this might work but i dont think they really care about what we think.

  10. Yeah it might work it might take a while though

  11. I think this project may work ,but i know that Oakland still gonna b the same.

  12. It might work because everything evolves through social media in this day

  13. This is going to work but it might take time, but im willing to waste time on Oakland to make it look better.

  14. There might be a chance that this project would get some positive reply due to the hashtag #iamFREMONT that gotten to some peoples attention.

  15. This is going to work because us students are going to be heard many times on the website SeeClickFix.They’re gonna come down here to Oakland and fix it .

  16. I believe this won’t work because there will be not enough people doing this project

  17. I think that the Seeclickfix project is going to work if everyone goes along with it, if we get a hashtag and picture from every student then other people outside of school are going to see it and they are going to want to join and thats how it can work so the government can see what things we want to improve in oakland.

  18. This is going to work by me participating taking pictures of trash and graffiti.

  19. I think this can work if we actually work together because we will be noticed.

  20. It might work because there would be many people sending email to the website so they’ll have to reply .

  21. Yes I Think that it would fix oakland but i think that they would take they time .

  22. stephaniealvarenga

    i think that people would do it but the people who do that for a job won’t do nothing about it

  23. I don’t think this will work because sometimes when you report a cause to someone they don’t fix they think others might forget about the problem

  24. i think this is going to work but it is going to take time to fix it

  25. I think its probably gonna work. If we just keep ourselves in a positive note, embrace our dignity upon it and keep all of our strength together, we can make progress to help Oakland.

  26. i say no because if they do try to fix stuff it still gonna get mess up and stuff like that.

  27. I think that our project will work because if everyone contributes to help Oakland will change.

  28. i think we will be able to fix oaklands infrasture. If everyone does it we can all make a difference.

  29. I believe this project will work because the more we post pictures on their wall people will start doing something about it .

  30. i predict the work of fremont freshmen students would work if we provided enough evidence and details but it can also fail if the workers doesn’t responded.

  31. I think that this will work but then have to take awhile, because there will be alot of problems posted.

  32. if we keep the preasure on them they will eventually do what we need fix

  33. I think that it may work because they know that they should fix it

  34. I believe that they will somewhat either luckily fix our problem because the fact that social media and keep poking them will work.

  35. no because they going to say were little kids and we dont know what we talking about

  36. i think this will maybe work because if we keep bothering them they will just do it but then again they might not care

  37. I think so yeah if everyone do the project and really put effort into the project i think it would help a little bit

  38. No I don’t think that this will work , it will but it is going to take too long.

  39. I think that the See Click Fix project would only work on things that people are constantly bringing up and want to change because Oakland doesn’t have that much money so their not gonna waste money on a crack on the floor.

  40. In my opinion, SeeClickFix will get the answer but they gonna get to the problem and fix it right away? that’s my question…

  41. I predict that this project will not work because there are not enough people involved actually make an act around the world.

  42. I dont think seeclickfix might work out so many people are using seeclickfix that they might not even fix all of them

  43. Gregory Mcfarland

    This is not going to work because they not go tell the workers to fix it

  44. javier lorenzo

    i think this is dumb because they aint gonna fix oakland they only care about what they wanna do

  45. i mean i think it will only fix some things but thats not gonna change oakland to get better , its alot too be done and fixed so i dont think this will help alot

  46. I predict that they will work to fix the city of Oakland because there’s like a bunch of people in the 9th grade doing this project, something is bound to get fixed if enough people bug them.

  47. i think seeclickfix will not work because many people use seeclickfix.

  48. No I don’t think this is going to work because just think about how many people send in pics of things that need to be done in Oakland why would that listen to us?

  49. I think this project may work if we get a lot of people to support.

  50. I think this finna work.!! PERIOD

  51. i dont think we might make a change well not now its gonna take a while before the city start to realize what we trying to do.

  52. I think that we will annoy them so bad to the point where they will be forced to fix every single thing we say because I have been seeing some fixes in Oakland lately

  53. i think its not going to work because we need a lot of people to report the problem.

  54. kimberly cardenas

    I don’t think freshmans will be able to make improvements around the city of Oakland

  55. manuel carranza

    yes because i think if every one contributes then we can make a little change in oakland ….

  56. I believe that this project will work because if there are many requests of a problem that needs to get fixed then someone will get tired of it and fix it.

  57. I think its going to work because if one infrastructure in our streets work then many more could be accomplished. Basically the Domino Effect !

  58. manuel carranza

    yes because i think if every one contributes then we can make a little change in oakland

  59. Okustino Mausia

    I think that our project is going to work because theres alot of people who always try to help the community

  60. I think that See Click Fix will only work for the issues people are constantly bringing up but, for the 1’s that haven’t been used much won’t happen because, Oakland doesn’t really have much money.

  61. I predict that some infrastructures will be fixed but not all would.

  62. I think it is and it is not going to work because some people listen and some people just don’t give.

  63. I dont think its going to work becuase usually places hat involve infastructure they would just ignore us you feel me #Vonnworld

  64. I think Our project will not work because the city of Oakland has bigger issues than a little crack in the streets..I also think they would not fix it because The city can hardly help the schools.

  65. I predict that this project will work because we can do anything if we put our minds to it and try

  66. bianca ramirez

    i believe that whoever is involved in this process some will end up with headaches and others with money, because the ones fixing a place with get money due to its job and the students with headaches because they will be rushing to get a good grade. thee end

  67. myrna taugavau

    I predict that this project will help fix some things in Oakland , maybe not all the projects but I think it’ll be most of it.

  68. My prediction for this project on if its gonna work or not is that its gonna work and hopefully the people fix it.

  69. I predict that if a lot of students from all periods do this project the company might notice us and they might even make a change to the infrastructure.

  70. What I think is that they are going to fix some and not all I don’t think they want to fix all the things that need to be fixed.

  71. Alejandra Cueva

    I do believe that Fremont High School Freshmen Class will be able to make improvements around the city of Oakland because we see so much horrible infrastructure everyday. Its on our way to school, when we walk around, or on our way home. I think it’ll be easy for everyone.

  72. i feel like its going to kinda work because i dont think everybody will wanna do it or wanna do it at all

  73. I predict that almost all of the ninth graders will participate to help improve the infrastructure of Oakland.

  74. I believe that some of the things that we upload are going to be fixed but some of the things won’t and some people will probably get mad because some places didn’t get fixed that they upload.

  75. It might work, the reason i think this is because it all depends on how many people participate and post good things also if the problems get solved.

  76. damarco bradford

    i think this seeclickfix and ill like the find thing i want fix and post then on seeclickfix

  77. I predict that our project will sure show up on their mail, but im not sure if they will fix it right away.

  78. This finna fakeway work

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