The Rumford Fair Housing Bill and the Dangers of Majority Rule

Please use and share this inquiry set:

The Rumford Fair Housing Bill and the Dangers of Majority Rule

I was recently a part of a partnership between the California Historical Society, and the California History-Social Science Project whose goal was to develop an inquiry set that examines the ways in which the majority of people in a society can present a danger for those who occupy the minority. The controversy around California’s 1964 vote on Proposition #14 and its impact on fair housing for communities of people facing discrimination are the grounds for this analysis. We used redlining maps, CA legislation, as well as images of William Byron Rumford and @moms4housing to help students understand this controversial topic. Please feel free to use this resource in your classrooms, or share it with other educators.

Shout out to the awesome folks at @UCDHistProject @CAHistory, @UCBHSSP, and everyone else who helped to develop this resource.

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