Essay Assembly

Click the picture above to read the directions!

Starting Monday, 3/13/17 Ethnic Studies students will begin work assembling an essay to support the research done an a “Resistance Image” of their selection.

To follow along with the tasks needed to complete this essay, please click the picture link above and you will find a slideshow that provides directions!

Comment Challenge!

Follow these directions to help your team win points for Marking Period #5!

STEP 1: Click this picture to see the Spreadsheet with links to 9th Grade Student blog posts.

STEP 2: Leave a comment on a student blog about if they did or did not get credit for their answer about the Criteria for Reliable Sources.

STEP 3: Copy the link to the comment you made.  Then, use the form you find by clicking the red button to share a link to that comment.

Point Scoring:

  • Team with THE MOST Comments:  1000 Team Points!

  • Second most comments:  800 Team Points

  • Third most comments:  600 Team Points

  • Fourth most comments:  400 Team Points

  • Fifth most comments:  200 Team Points

  • Sixth most comments:  100 Team Points

  • Seventh most comments:  ZERO Team Points!


Survey Assignment

Please take the following two surveys below.  When you are done, show Mr. Muniz that you have finished them both.

Your reward?

+8 Points on any Stamp Sheet Grade for Marking Period #5!

Survey #1

Survey #2