Comment Challenge!

Follow these directions to help your team win points for Marking Period #5!

STEP 1: Click this picture to see the Spreadsheet with links to 9th Grade Student blog posts.

STEP 2: Leave a comment on a student blog about if they did or did not get credit for their answer about the Criteria for Reliable Sources.

STEP 3: Copy the link to the comment you made.  Then, use the form you find by clicking the red button to share a link to that comment.

Point Scoring:

  • Team with THE MOST Comments:  1000 Team Points!

  • Second most comments:  800 Team Points

  • Third most comments:  600 Team Points

  • Fourth most comments:  400 Team Points

  • Fifth most comments:  200 Team Points

  • Sixth most comments:  100 Team Points

  • Seventh most comments:  ZERO Team Points!


Survey Assignment

Please take the following two surveys below.  When you are done, show Mr. Muniz that you have finished them both.

Your reward?

+8 Points on any Stamp Sheet Grade for Marking Period #5!

Survey #1

Survey #2

Peer Review Infographics


Step 1:

Click THIS LINK to see the list of students who completed Edublog #6.  Review the student’s work you were assigned by checking to see if they would have gotten credit for explaining why they believed the source of their document to be reliable.

Step 2:

Read the instructions for Edublog  Assignment #7.  Follow the directions you find, and then publish your blog post.  Once that has been done, share the link to that blog post by clicking the red button below.