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SeeClickFix Journal Updates

SCF logoThis week the first set of grades for SeeClickFix Journals will be entered.  As of today THREE SeeClickFix Journals should have been written.  If you need to complete your work find the links you need by clicking HERE.

FIRST – Go to this link to share your edublog with Mr. Muniz.  If you do not do this step you will get a ZERO grade for the Edublog journal assignment!

NEXT – Go to this link and fill out the survey about your Freshman Class.  Awards will be given to students based on what you say!

THEN – Complete any of the online assignments you may not have finished in class  (The 3 SeeClickFix Journals listed on Munizworld, The “Find the SEP” Assignment on Google Classroom, the Oakland Geography Challenge on Google Classroom, or the Central America/Caribbean Geography game)

FINALLY – Ask Mr. Muniz for the Frayer Model Packet you started during Block #1 this week, and work on that until the period is finished.