Create an online identity map!

Today you will use the images you saved into your ID Pics folder to create an online identity map that looks like this:

Click the link to watch a video that explains how to make your identity map.

Once you finish watching, click the COGGLE.IT logo to begin working on your own.

Create an Avatar

muniz-jasonToday we will be creating our own personal avatar!

Follow these directions to make a cartoon image that looks like you.

  1. Go to the website at THIS LINK
  2. Use the tools you find there to create a cartoon-like image that looks like yourself.  BE CREATIVE!
  3. When you’re done, take a photo of the screen that shows your image by using the screen-capture trick (Watch How).
  4. Edit the picture by cropping out whatever you don’t need (Watch How).
  5. Save the picture to the center of your Identity Map on Idea Maps


Our class uses to map ideas and share them with our peers.  Mr. Muniz will demonstrate how this tool is to be used in class.  However – if you missed it (or would like to watch the tutorial again) a “how-to” video is posted below.

Click the links below if you want to learn how to: