Edublog #8 – The Final Post

This will be the last Edublog post of the year!

This post is related to The SeeClickFix Project.  If you have missed any part of this work complete those steps first!

Click here for the Edublog #8 Directions

When you are done:

Log into Jupiter grades and check your grade for the Counterclaim Paragraph Assignment.  If your grade is 14 or less, you need to re-do this assignment.  Remember, Counterclaim paragraphs will be on your final!

One response to “Edublog #8 – The Final Post

  1. Melanie S Gans-Prosser

    Hi Mr. Muniz,
    I wanted to thank you for sharing your UCSD Extension information. I am a 53-year-old mother of two teenagers, who has been out of teaching High School for the past 12 years (I was enjoying some part-time work at a local community college), but now I am back teaching at my former HS and I need to complete my CLAD/CTEL.
    Would you recommend not taking more than one or two classes at a time? My struggle is with the timing of the 6 unit Foundation & Methods class. It will overlap with one/two other classes. I am very good at completing my work on time, if not early and from your post it doesn’t appear there is a huge amount of work. Maybe a lot of reading?
    Thank you for any guidance.

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