Comment Challenge!

Recently you were asked to copy the paragraph you wrote for Document #14 (The Graph) into an Edublog post.  In case you forgot, it was Edublog #6!

Now you will be responsible for COMMENTING on the paragraphs that your peers wrote.  Follow the directions below:

  • Click THIS LINK
  • Find your name and your period number
  • Click on the link on the same line as your name
  • Leave a comment that does each of these tasks:
    1. Introduces yourself
    2. Describes whether or not you think they will earn all 5 points for the CLAIM SENTENCE that starts the paragraph
    3. Explain why you thought they did or did not get all 5 points
    4. Makes at least one POSITIVE COMMENT about the rest of the paragraph

An example comment would look like this:

Hi, My name is Jason and I am in Mr. Muniz’s 3rd period class.  Unfortunately I do not think that you will earn full credit for your claim sentence.  While you did answer the focus question you did not write a complete sentence that includes the word “because.”  However you did a great job explaining the evidence in the rest of your paragraph.  Nice work!

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