Levels of Oppression

This week we learned about the different levels of oppression.  Today you will be sharing what you believe is an example of one of the three levels of oppression we discussed in class.  A video that shows you how is linked HERE.  Written directions on how to add to the padlet are also provided below.

Made with Padlet
  1. Find an image using Google Images of something that shows one of the levels of oppression.  Download it to your drive.
  2. Add a new post to the padlet by clicking on the pink + sign.  Title the post with the name of the level of oppression your picture shows.
  3. Describe why the image you saved is an example of one of the levels of oppression (be sure to use a “because” statement).  Then, add your Last Name First Name and Period number.
  4. Click the upload button and add the picture you saved to the padlet post.


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