Today’s Assignment – 2/16

Today’s Assignment

Today you will be putting some finishing touches on your essay.

First, make sure that you write and type your 3rd supporting paragraph.  That is the paragraph you based on DOCUMENT #7.  Don’t forget to ELABORATE ON YOUR ANALYSIS by using your answer for Question #6 in the paragraph.

Click this picture to remind yourself what Document #7 looks like.

Next, Locate on the spreadsheet the INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH you wrote a long time ago.  Copy and Paste that paragraph to the top of the essay you have been writing on Google Docs.

Click the picture to find your old introduction paragraph

Finally – you may notice that the claim you made in that introduction paragraph no longer matches the evidence you provided in the supporting paragraphs!  Revise the claim (Last sentence) in your introduction paragraphs, this time using the “how evidence” you provided in your supporting paragraphs as parts of your claim sentence.

Click here to review the directions for your Intro Paragraph

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