Create a Haiti History Video

Toussaint Louverture

This summer we have learned about some of Haiti’s history in advance of our reading the novel “Taste of Salt.”  To prove what we have learned, we will be creating a very short video using the Web Application called BITEABLE.  A finished video would look like this:  The Story of Columbus in Ayiti

Instructions for completing the video can be found at THIS LINK.  Want to see how I made mine?  Watch the video provided below.

36 responses to “Create a Haiti History Video

    • something that i liked about your story book is that you used your vocabulary words correctly and i liked the pictures.Something that i think you could do better next time is to think about the actual question you were answering

    • i like your correct use of vocabulary in your sentences. Something that could change is in the last slide you can say was instead of to be

    • Something that i liked about your story book is that every picture was really close and similar to what you were presenting and that you used the vocabulary words correctly . Something that i think you could get better was the sentences you could of put a little of more information from the lecture notes.

    • something that i liked about your story book is the pictures i could tell you put effort on it. Something that i think you could do better is explain who you are talking about

    • Something i liked was your pictures were good with your sentences. Something that can change is using correct punctuation and some fix some spacing in one of the slides

    • i like how your picture match up with your writing and it kinda describes the picture. something that you can change is using the vocabulary words correctly instead of just using it anywhere

    • i liked the video because it was straight to the point.But it did not actually show how the Haitians defeated Napoleon and his army.

    • I like the pictures you put in the video, however, you could of explained what happened much better instead of repeating some words.

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