Indigenous Infographic – Part 1


If you follow the directions well your infographic should look like THIS (click the picture)

Our class will be using to create infographics.  Watch the instructional video below to see how.  Links that describe how to do specific tasks for your project are found below the video.

  1. Signing in to for the 1st time
  2. Create a new infographic
  3. Remove all the “extra stuff” from your infographic
  4. Add your cartoon avatar to the infographic
  5. Add a “word bubble” into the infographic
  6. Change the color of your word bubble
  7. Add words into the word bubble
  8. Adjust words in bubble (tilt, re-size)
  9. Add INDIGENOUS picture to infographic
  10. Re-size INDIGENOUS picture
  11. Add text box for the de la Casas quote
  12. Copy/Paste de las Casas quote into infographic
  13. Re-size words in de la Casas quote text box
  14. Stretch the bottom of the infographic
  15. Save your infographic

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