Submitting an Issue to SeeClickFix

Can we fix Oakland?
Can we fix Oakland?

Today we will take the following steps to submit the infrastructure issues we noticed around the City of Oakland to the company SeeClickFix (Click THIS LINK if you have not already created an account).

  1. First, we must save the picture of infrastructure to our Google Drive (Directions are HERE)
  2. Next we must read and follow the directions on how to submit an issue to SeeClickFix (Directions are HERE)
  3. Then we must make a new edublog post describing what we did (Directions are HERE)
  4. Finally we must report the ISSUE ID NUMBER given to us by SeeClickFix in the comments section of this blog post.  An example of how to write your comment can be seen below

Once you have completed these activities, you must complete DOCUMENT ANALYSIS #4 in Google Classroom, Complete your lecture notes review assignment (if you scored less than 17/20), complete your Final Exam Study Guide, or take another practice turn at the Geoguesser Game.



74 thoughts on “Submitting an Issue to SeeClickFix

  1. Alex Matias Ramirez /Period 1
    “Your issue is being held for moderator approval. You will receive an email once it is posted.”

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