2015-16 Freshman Class Project

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By now you have learned about the 2015-16 Fremont Freshman Class Project.

(Click THIS LINK if you missed out on the details)

What do you think?

Do you think our class project will do anything to help fix the infrastructure in the City of Oakland?  Explain why, or why not in the comments section below!

78 responses to “2015-16 Freshman Class Project

  1. I think if many of us do it we can actually achieve our goal and besides if it was done before and worked…why wouldn’t it work again? Besides East Oakland needs our help..

  2. I honestly think that somewhat this is going to work because if we all do this assignment and actually attempt to change something it is going to work out. Because a group of people works out better than one.

  3. in my opinion, in think this project can be finished, they have to see what were going through, nothing is impossible, plus, whats the worse they can do, they cant shoot us with pepper spray.

  4. I think this is going to work because it is their job to fix the pot holes and Mr Muniz has done this for 3 years and it has worked.

  5. think its going to work because it worked last year

  6. maybe not they don’t care

  7. I think SeeClickFix will help repair the bad infrastructure in Oakland, because the freshmans in the past years have done this project and it always works so yea. It’s going to work.

  8. yes i think this would work because mr.muniz said they done this before and it worked so i think it will work.

  9. Yes because Oakland needs a lot of stuff fix

  10. no because it’s oakland and they almost don’t pay attention

  11. i think this project wont work because people don’t really care about roads.

  12. I also do think this project will help fix some issues in the infrastructure of oakland.

  13. i think it will work, because for one people gone wanna get thius easy At project grade, and also for to because people should wanna help out their community and where u live

  14. Yes I think it will work.

  15. I think this is going to work because the city really doesnt have a choice but to fix things if it is being pointed out the city just needs someone to continuously bother them to fix the things that need yo be fixed

  16. maybe it will because many people are reporting the issue so they will fix it

  17. I think that this project will help fix some of the infrastructure issues.

  18. I think that this project won’t work because people might find this childish and a waste of time.

  19. no b/c oakland dont care bout what we think

  20. I think that this will somewhat work because not everyone will take a picture.

  21. they need to fix everything

  22. I think that maybe our project will work because many people and students are reporting the bad infrastructure but maybe there not going to do anything because many people are to lazy to report it

  23. I dont think will work because the city has a lot of other problems to fix instead of ours.

  24. I do not really know if they are really going to fix it

  25. Yup. This is going to work m8. 🙂

  26. i think that this project will help fix the infrastructure in oakland because this website has already fixed up a lot of potholes in oakland that people have reported

  27. yes i think i might work if we all help each other to do it

  28. I think we can , if we do the project and take pictures we can get it fixed

  29. I think that it will help and will make oakland a better place.

  30. I think this will work because this website SeeClickFix.com will do anything to fix it and some people are saying that this wont help but personally I do think this could work

  31. no i don’t they would fix it because they don’t care about how Oakland looks and there’s so many people that complained and they didn’t fix them at all.

  32. I think this might work because it their job to fix things

  33. I think that it would work because the streets need to be fixed and it could help the environment be safer.

  34. i think it going to work because here in oakland there is laws so they should fix it

  35. I do think that fremont project may work to help oakland infrastructure because people may listen if many people are saying that they should fix Oakland infrastructure and since students are doing something to fix oakland it must be something important.

  36. i think our class project will help infrastructure because we’ll be taking pictures of things that actually need to be fixed

  37. I think this is a great idea I’m not all that great with social media. I usually find out about things a little bit later than others. I also really want the A+ pass and 250 points in class. thank you have a great day.

  38. i do think we can accomplish this assignment because if the student accouple year’s ago did it why cant we , we all can accomplish it whith the help of everyone supporting .

  39. Yes, I think this school project will help and fix the infrastructure in Oakland, California. I think this because last year in Mr. Muniz’ class, his students actually got to help roads and different kinds of infrastructure in Oakland, California., and maybe this year it will work to for this freshman year. 🙂

  40. Yes , the class project will help because its a lot of students and it will come in handy.

  41. To be honest i think that it will work but not for all people because maybe some people wont put the direction correctly or they’ll mess up… Im hoping that it does work though for most people that way our streets can look better and our community to.

  42. After learning about the 2015-2016 FHS Freshman class project, I believe that it will work because it will give our city, Oakland a better reputation and it will maybe become a much more less violent city than what everyone else outside of a Oakland thinks.

  43. yea i think it well fix the stuff in the all of oakland mabe it well fix some rods and places for other people.

  44. I think that it will work. If it worked to fix foothill then it should work for other roads. But i also think that it depends on how important the road is to the community. Like if its a main road I think that will be prioritized faster.

  45. I think it will work because we can take a picture and they can come and fix it so it wouldn’t have to be any problems like someone can fell and hurt themselves because of these messed up roads in Oakland.

  46. yes but not everything because i don’t think that there going to fix everything

  47. i’m not really sure but i think it might work because a lot of us might take pictures and put it on the web site and the people might be like ” alright alright will do it “

  48. I think if the class has good photos and has the adrees we might get something done. But I think that we can make a change if we stay focus and do what we gotta do. I hope we make a change so that we can fix oakland and make it a better place to drive or walk down the street.

  49. I think that the majority of the block posts might work because most people know where they are most of the time and some people are just stupid and would only upload a picture.

  50. I think it’s a good idea in how to fix infrastructure in the city of Oakland because SeeClickFix would help on fixing the infrastructure in Oakland.

  51. Yes i think are class project will help out because the help of the students before us they did it once so they mite be able to do it again.

  52. I think that it will help oakland a little because I dont really know if they will actually persuade that person who is in charge of fixing the streets to really do it. Its a freshman project that may work and help or may not. I think that the company that we send pictures to will try to effect us in helping us better oakland.

  53. I think this project might help get something in Oakland fixed. One reason is that a lot of us are doing it which means there will be a lot of people submitting photos. I am pretty sure we will get something done.

  54. it think that it will work because they are going to see that a lot of students want the infrastructure fixed in Oaklandm

  55. I believe we are because if it’s happened before it can probably happen again

  56. I think it would work because some of these streets are messed up have graffiti on stop sign and some bad infrastructure

  57. I think it will work because oakland has many potholes (bad infrastructure) that would need to be fixed.

  58. yes I think our class project can do something only if every one helps take pictures and keep=s posting.

  59. I think that it will kind of work and it would kind of not work at the same time. Because the seeclickfix would only fix some of the infrastructure in Oaklad but not all.

  60. it will help our city to get stuff fix done but if people really take this serious

  61. I think that the majority of the block posts might work, just might.

  62. i think this is a waste of time

  63. i think that our class project might not help to fix the infrastructure because i think they woudnt care about fixing the streets

  64. This will fix some of the streets in of Oakland but not all because theres not that many student in this classroom.

  65. I think the class project would help it get fixed up because how Mr. Muniz told us that 2 years ago the street that is by the school it wasnt like that so that means they could fix it

  66. Maybe bacause its not nice if you dont fix it the area will be full of crack if we dont send them to fix it

  67. l think that it’s a good ldea because you can fix it. l think yes because mabye out of 100 2 of us will will help.

  68. Yes I do believe our class project will help the infrastructure in Oakland , because they would probably notice how bad the infrastructure and want to fix it .

  69. alexander martinez

    in my opion i think yea is going to help oakland.

  70. I think our project will do something to help fix the infrastructure in the City of Oakland because it’s going to be a bunch of students reporting broken roads, potholes, etc. Also, because Mr.Muniz said that they’ve done this before and it worked.

  71. I think they will somewhat will fix it or help Oakland get infrasture look better.

  72. no, I think this won’t help the infrastructure because i don’t think their going fix the street if we send them a picture of it what would they get out of fixing it for free.

  73. I think is gonna work because muniz say that he had done the same project with other student and it works they did fix it.

  74. i think i like this assignment i feel like this is the only assighnment i would do because i think the streets of oakland need to be fixed and that i know a few streets that need to be fixed and they be irritating me

  75. I kinda don’t think our class will work because the government sometimes doesn’t care.

  76. maybe. maybe not. i dont know if its going to work bc there are so many people in the city of oakland so they may not get the reports.

  77. I honestly do think this project will help fix some issues in the infrastructure of Oakland as its happened before and the website has been proven to be reliable.

  78. i think this is dumb because if oakland wanted to fix the infrastructure they would by now and i don’t think there going to fix all of them probably a like 3 pictures

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