My name is Jason Muniz, and I teach Ethnic Studies at Fremont High School in Oakland, California.  I am originally from New York City, and attended Syracuse University and Florida Atlantic University.

The Instagram Page @TeachersOfOakland published four posts featuring information about my background, classroom practices, and experiences with students.



This is an article and video about my work supporting the establishment of Ethnic Studies in Oakland, California Public Schools.


tch.pngThis is a piece I wrote for The Teaching Channel’s Education For Democracy section describing my use of “how-to” videos to guide digital instruction.


The community works website SeeClickFix asked me to describe Oakland students using their application as a vehicle for social justice.


The Teaching Channel featured three Oakland classrooms, including mine,  to show High School students blogging about cultivating a voice in their communities.


cladctelIn order to fulfill ELL teaching requirements in the state of California, I was challenged to pass CLAD/CTEL classes.  This website is a collection of the work I produced that has served as a lasting resource for many educators who have taken the course after I did.







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